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I STAY HIGH HAPPY EASTER FUCK YOU #420 (at weed was never tight)


I STAY HIGH HAPPY EASTER FUCK YOU #420 (at weed was never tight)

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  • two songs
  • two bands
  • two actors
  • two actresses
  • two singers
  • two movies
  • two books
  • two characters
  • two ships
  • two shows
  • two anything

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AFI | I Wanna Get a Mohawk (But Mom Won’t Let Me Get One)

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There’s nothing worse than sitting all alone at home
And waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting by the phone

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put a letter in my ask

‎A - Available?
B - Birthday?
C - Crushing on?
D - Drink you last had?
E - Easiest person to talk to?
F - Favourite song?
G - Grade i hated?
H - Hometown?
I - Icecream flavour?
J - Jellybean flavour?
K - Killed someone?
L- Longest friendship?
M - Milkshake flavour?
N - Number of siblings?
O - One wish?
P - Person who called me last?
Q - Question your always asked?
R - Reason to smile?
S - Song i last sung?
T - Time you woke up?
U - Umbrella colour?
V - Very best friend?
W - Which celebrity i’d marry?
X - X rays i had?
Y - Your last time you cried?
Z - Zodiac sign?
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Fuck your catchy one liners

Fuck your dress to impress

You can go fuck yourselves with that trendy shit

Fuck your bad attitudes

Fuck your weak high class

Fuck all you pretenders

Keep your life of trash

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